LOCAUPIN 3pcs Multipurpose Non-Scratch Silver Wire Mesh Cleaning Cloth Double Layer Dishwashing Rags

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Product Code: HKL6016DL

Multipurpose Kitchen Rags - This Dishwashing Rags can easily clean stubborn stains, wear-resistant and not damage the pot and not damage the surface, strong water absorption, strong decontaminizing.

Quality Material - It is durable and not easily broken. It can be used repeatedly without losing the effect.

Dishwashing Rags for Wet and Dry - Dry and wet dual use. Fine holes, easy to foam and enhances the cleaning effect. Strong water absorption and removes oil and grease. It won't accumulate dirt and is very easy to clean and dry.

Durability - Wear-resistant, won't tear, won't leave residue, keep clean.

Widely Used - Dishcloth can be used to clean kitchen utensils of different materials, such as cooktops, plates, cups, pots, counters, bathtubs, sink etc.

A great kitchen helper - Our product includes 3pcs Multifunctional Wire Dishcloth, which is durable and a great addition to your kitchen.tttttt