Amidst the crisis happening today, we are very glad that our shop is still receiving orders from our loving store followers. High demands are very evident with the transaction every single day, thank you! 

As part of our appreciation to everyone, we are giving an all-new classy design disposal face masks to every Php 1, 500.00 worth of order. A pack is consists of white and neat masks that are breathable and classy. It also filters viruses and other bacteria that will help us to prevent the transfer. 

Locaupin is with you in this season, this pandemic is not easy to deal with but together we will fight in unity and kindness. 

The said campaign will be launch in the last week of June of the current year. 

We hope and pray for the safety not only of our valued customers but also of everyone. 

Love is giving and take. We love you so we want to protect you! 

Stay safe while you shop online at home!